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A club called "Tampereen Kisatoverit ry" started working in 1920's. And it includes a few different sports like football, volleyball, armwrestling,and gymnastics. Our teams motto is "for the whole family" and it means that everyone is welcome to be in this club. 

We have different levels in our sports which includes competitive teams especially in armwrestling, volleyball and football. There is also a lower level hobbyteams for children and adults in gymnastics, football and armwrestling which is not competitive or so serious. 

Contact us and ask for more information:

If you are concerned about something or want to start a hobby in our club you may contact us by an email:

Contact for football:

Joonas Mäenpää 

Contact for volleyball:

Erkka Ikonen

Contact for Gymnastics:

Vilma Ritamäki

Contact for Armwrestling: 

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Facebook: Tampereen Kisatoverit

Instagram: @tampereenkisatoverit